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Working in partnership with Mpfurudzi Primary school and local councillors and village heads, we support about 15 children of whom 12 are in school. We also identified the school’s need for a library to enhance children’s literacy and reading skills. We delivered about a thousand books and 12 children’s learning computers. We are currently fundraising for the construction of a library and computer room.

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Kids Parties



All work no play makes Jack a dull boy. Our charity organizes children parties especially during the festive season. We make sure these children in need celebrate  birthdays and special occasions like Christmases like any other children their age group still at home who are fortunate enough to have mum and dad to take care of their needs.

Providing Books & Computers


In this day in age every child needs access to new technology like laptops and computers. We aim to make that dream a reality to most the children in our care. We aim to provide book, pens, pencils and all the stationery they need to do their school work and homework

Dormitory Progress

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